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Impeccable legal service since 1997

legal advice
Do you urgently need a competent legal advice? Do you need assistance of a criminal lawyer or legal services for your civil case?

Our lawyers and attorneys can provide the most efficient solution for your civil or criminal case.

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Customized programmes

Law Planet has developed customized complex service programs based on its long term experience, in particular:

“Divorce without stress” Our customized “Divorce without stress” programme was developed by our experts on the basis of their extensive experience. It provides you with a comprehensive array of legal services connected with divorce by judicial process.

“Turnkey inheritance” Law Planet provides comprehensive help in handling inheritance issues, including all types of end-to-end legal services and collection of necessary documents. We can handle the most complex and hopeless situations.

“Alimony? — It’s elementary!” Our family lawyers provide a legal consultation where they determine how to recover maximum alimony considering your situations and how to establish your right to alimony to the satisfaction of magistrates court.

“Legal defence: criminal lawyer” Law Planet provides the assistance of criminal lawyers in Moscow and Moscow Region on a twenty-four-hour basis. The minimal legal experience of lawyers is 10 years.
  • The specialists of Law Planet International Centre of Legal Research follow the Latin Postulate: “Ubi jus, ibi remedium” — “Where there is a right, there is a remedy.” At the same time, we are always ready not only to protect the available rights of our Client, but also establish favourable conditions for finding new possibilities.
  • “Law Planet” International Centre of Legal Research is a guaranteed and effective way to realize rights for highly qualified legal assistance in all spheres of legal relations, both in Moscow and Moscow Region and in other regions of Russia and other countries.
  • The minimal judicial experience of our lawyers is ten years; their special status and authorities are supported by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.
  • Law Planet defends violated rights of natural persons and entities in the spheres of civil law, real estates law, family law, land law, labour law, criminal law, administrative law, arbitrage law, budget law, water law, air law, urban planning law, tax law, customs law and international law.

Criminal lawyers:

  • Criminal lawyers of the Law Planet bar association provide the defence for their Clients on a twenty-four-hour basis. Legal assistance is provided free of charge in cases prescribed by the law.
  • Our criminal lawyers provide timely assistance to any person in detention or charged with a crime from the moment of detention or indictment, and at a stage of pre-investigation check. The legal assistance agreement can be concluded with a criminal lawyer from the Law Planet bar through relatives of a person in need of defence.

Lawyer services, divorce processes

Divorce through the courts is a time-consuming process, which may turn out to be very complicated, including in ethical terms. The completion of this process often requires high quality lawyer’s services. “Law Planet” International Centre of Legal Research provides competent defence of your rights in any situation. Our lawyers provide their services for divorce cases, inheritance formalities, representation in court in criminal and other cases.

We guarantee highly competent assistance when supporting your divorce through the court, issuing relevant documents or providing other legal services in Moscow.

Law Planet is:
  1. support of clients on a twenty-four-hour basis;
  2. successful work since 1997;
  3. special legal status and confirmed credentials of our lawyers.